Information site for all employees listing available training courses, videos and books. Created with Dreamweaver with JavaScript (left).
Training site created in SharePoint using HTML and CSS (right). 

Responsive site to introduce the company’s training department and what it has to offer (below). Created with Dreamweaver and Bootstrap.


SharePoint's backend programming can be quite robust. These pages were designed with HTML and CSS before handing off to a programmer to do the backend coding in SharePoint.

With list features, you can generate progress reports.


SharePoint is a wonderful tool that lets many people edit sites without knowing lots of backend code. The most common complaint about these sites is that they look too “SharePoint-y” – so good old-fashioned tables and imagery can help build an eye-catching landing pages.


Examples of a few identifiers created for courses. I try to generate several options for the client to choose from.


By using a graphic novel style for a product launch, the Retail store employee could quickly learn about a new product and features. The images were hand drawn on Bristol paper, scanned and colored in Photoshop (top panels).

Sometimes a photo just won't work. In that case, drawing a generic character to "narrate" is what you need (bottom). 



The following examples are different types of button navigation.


Screen captures of a pro bono animation created for a youth organization in Kansas City area. This was shown to volunteers wishing to become classroom mentors.  Created with Flash (left).

Screen capture of an animation for product demo (right).


Example wireframe for a course created in Lectora. For each course, a series of templates were created in Photoshop then set up in Lectora to help the Instructional Designer write content (left).

Landing page for a course (right). Also created in Photoshop for Lectora.


I absolutely love creating infographics. The following images represent a few that I created for various courses and websites. They were actually much larger (longer) and contained additional info, but for proprietary reasons, I’ve narrowed them down to snippets. All were created in Illustrator.